Booking a wedding photographer - what to consider

To ensure that the happiest day of your life lives on in your memory to provide you with joy for years to come, you should start looking for the ideal photographer early. Especially providers with a distinguished reputation are often booked far into the future, and especially on dates often chosen for weddings it can be difficult to find the right photographer. Especially since every couple has different ideas what constitutes the perfect photo it is imperative that you yourself comb through the portfolios of many wedding photographers. If you like the images, and you find the photographer likeable in personal conversation, you will find the resulting wedding coverage satisfying. Choosing just any photographer to save time and hoping that they will somehow manage is not a recipe for success.
As long as you trust your taste and intuition, you will land on the right wedding photographer for your happy day.

Wedding coverage, video or staged bridal photos?

In recent years, the trend for wedding photography has been moving from staged photos to wedding photos that are as natural as possible. Therefore, wedding coverage has become more possible, with photographers accompanying the bridal couple through the preparation and celebration, allowing for very personal and intimate photo books. Videos are steadily growing in popularity as well, although they still remain inaccessible to many due to the time involved in their production and the resulting high cost. A combination of staged bridal photos, wedding coverage as well as a short video may present a happy medium.

What exactly are photobooth and trash the dress? Do most wedding photographers offer them?

A Photo booth allows wedding guests to take pictures of themselves, most often at a photo booth (hence the name), but also often at a more complex set, often complete with props and disguises for some fun photos.
Some photographers have booths with touch panel and live previews, but many decide to just assemble a small set with a camera, some lighting and a remote release for their photo booth setup.

“Trash the dress”, which is especially popular with young couples, involves the bridal couple ruining their wedding attire, for example by jumping into a lake, being pied, or having paint bombs lobbed at them - the possibilities are endless. “Trash the dress” is a service most wedding photographers provide if requested, a photo booth requires prior arrangement due to the equipment and setup needed.